Breaking the Cycle of Generational Slavery

Help us end the vicious cycle of generational slavery in the world.


What we are all about

Pakistan is a beautiful country. For the most part people are very hospitable and friendly. However, the country has dark secret on its brick kilns. There are about 20,000 legally registered brick kilns in the country. On many of these brick kilns people are mistreated, abused, and raped. The government provides very little protection for workers on these brick kilns especially those who have a debt to the owner. We found people in this system for up to three generations working off debts they themselves did not incur. But we are here to help get families out of these brick kiln factories. 


What We Offer

Our small team investigates and rescues families from these brick kilns who demonstrate the desire to be completely free from the system. We provide a home for rescued children who have lost their family members due to forced marriage, abandonment, or death. 

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Debt Repayment

People commonly ask us, how do these families incur debt. If you do not have the money for medicine or surgery there are no options to get help. Families are forced to take a loan from brick kiln owners. These loans have high interest so the family struggles to pay off the loan. Many do not get out of this cycle. Their children often times bear the great consequences. 

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Relocation Support

After paying the debt, the families are transitioned to a community where they are able to thrive. Families are encouraged to start working and support themselves. So far all the families we have freed from bonded slavery have integrated into society. We insure that the families we help will not be tempted to go back into the system. 


Children Home

Children who have lost a parent are candidates of our home. Sometimes children have lost their parent due to abandonment, forced marriage, or death. Our home provides a safe place for them to receive education, food, discipline and counseling. 



The best way to ensure that

the cycle of slavery is broken is by education. When the families are educated and trained in other skills they can acquire much better employment. Our program wants to provide education especially for the children in the areas of science and technology. 

We Help Real Families Change Their Lives Around

Below is a picture gallery of some of the families we have freed in the last few years. Partner with us today to keep the change going. 


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About Us

Kenneth Davis is an America missionary with his wife Monica in Pakistan. The couple has a deep desire to support the lives of the voiceless and neglected people in the country. There is so much work to be done and many lives to impact. Please consider partnering with them today.